Food Safety Training

Our ServSafe Administrators/Trainers provide a four-hour interactive training class followed by a Certification Exam. Visit to register for a date.

Kids Summer Camp

ChefStart 2014 is our Sixth year of operating the absolute best Kids Summer Cooking Experience. We provide your Young Chef with the environment, equipment, food, educators and curriculum that has a proven track record. To find out what is in store for your Young Chef, visit our web site at


Whether Personal or Business, put your event's food in the hands of Professionals. Please visit our web site at

Cider Doughnuts

Delicious. Wholesale or Retail, if you would like more info about our Doughnuts, visit us at Did we mention the word, "delicious"?

School Lunches

Our School Meal philosophy is simple: we serve the same food that you would serve your child if you had the time. We are Real Chefs who serve Real Food. That means your child's school lunch will consist of real chicken (not a pattie) and fresh vegetables (broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, etc). Simple. For more info please visit

Institution Meals

ChefCorp is honored to provide meals for Alzheimer's Community Care facilities in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Our philosophy is simple: We are real chefs who serve real food. For more info, visit our web site at